B-Boying Crew From Switzerland And Japan Since 1986

Spartanic Rockers?!

Considered as one of the best show crews in the world.

First generation dancers from Switzerland and Japan. International judges and event organizers. Oldest still active website about the dance in the world wide web.

The Website

Established April 1, 1996.

Nominated twice for "Best Website Dedicated to the Art of B-Boying" at the "Online Hip Hop Awards". Also featured the official international "Battle of the Year" - Website from 1998 - 1999. Together with "Dancers Delight" and "Cardboard Only" the very first website about the dance in the world wide web.

The Crew

Founded in Bern/Switzerland in spring 1986.

The members are located in Switzerland & Japan and some are pioneers and first generation of the dance in their country. The crew is well known all over the world for creative and theme-based shows.

Major titles:
2nd place "Red Bull Beat Battle" London 2005
Top 4 "Coup de Monde" Paris 2001
Best Show "International Battle Of The Year" 1998 & 1999
2nd place "UK B-Boy Championships" London 1999
Winner "UK B-Boy Championships" London 1998
European Solo Champ 1991
Swiss Solo & Group Champs 1989, 1991 & 1995

The Logo

Represents the original spartan warrior helmet.

Check the crew history to find out more about the meaning of the crew name.