B-Boying Crew From Switzerland And Japan Since 1986

How to build

As mentioned the only things you need for this tool are a small tube of about 30cm length and of about 7cm diameter (your fingers shouldn't touch the thumb, but the diameter also shouldn't be too big!) and a rope with a weight (between 1.5kg and 2.5kg).

Make a hole in the middle, on one side of the tube that you can put the rope through it.

Put some kind of screw or hook on that end of the rope (which will be inside of the tube) that the rope can't fall out of the tube anymore. But keep in mind that you should do only one hole on one side of the tube that the end of the rope will be inside of the tube and not outside of it on the contrary side!

Speaking about the lenght of the rope, you should check out how long it must be by outstretching your arms horizontal and parallel to the ground. From that position the weight should be slightly above the floor but should not touch it!
That's it!

How to use

Hold the Wristbuilder as shown in the images below. Then start to uncoil the rope by moving your hands back and forth. Don't move both hands simultaneously but use one hand to uncoil and the other to change the grip again. Uncoil the rope until the weight is all the way down and thus the rope isn't wounded up anymore but all straight. Then this is very important: Keep on moving the tube in the SAME direction for coiling the rope again! Only change the direction of moving the tube when you have totally coiled the rope again.

Coil and uncoil the rope as many times as you can.

If the weight is too heavy for you, do it with less. Also if you have problems in holding the arms parallel to the ground (because of the weight) you can put your arms onto a back of chair thus it won't burden your arms and shoulders but only your wrists. But then again check the length of the rope, you might have to shorten it.